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I am Dandy Book Party at Fine and Dandy Shop - Nov 7

Congrats to my good friends Enrique and Matt of Fine and Dandy Shop - they just got married!

On November 7 they are throwing a book party for I am Dandy at their beautiful shop in Hell's Kitchen.
The date also marks the 1 year anniversary of opening their brick and mortar shop!

445 West 49th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues

Space is limited!

Fine and Dandy Shop is Open in NYC!

Congrats @fineanddandyshop The shop looks amazing! Enrique & Matt in front of 445 W49th btw 9-10 #menswear cc@finendandyshop
Enrique and Matt, the proud shopkeepers, in front of Fine and Dandy at 445 West 49th Street, NYC

My good friends at Fine and Dandy Shop have been cultivating a great menswear accessories business online for years now, and they recently set up a "brick and mortar" shop in Hell's Kitchen!  I visited them last weekend and I thought the store looked fantastic.  Their pieces are mixed with all their antique displays and budding collection of vintage photographs of men, and it felt like the perfect place to hang out.   

The headline could read:  "From Online to On Your Block: The Future of Retail Today"  right?   I wish them all the best!

Photos are snapped on my iphone using instagram.  You can follow me there @rcallahanphoto

Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3905 Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3912 Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3911
And the Tie Selector has a home, too!

Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3913 Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3908 Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3915 Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3906

Dandy Talk: Mise en Place

Thomas, Nathaniel, Matt, Dandy Wellington, and Enrique, NYC, Oct 2012

Last night we readied ourselves for the big Dandy Talk this Friday.  The National Arts Club is expecting a maximum capacity crowd (yipee!).  So we all hobnobbed about our take on dandyism, manners, personal style, and how it all connects.  As per usual Natty had some perfect quotes and historical references at the ready.  

The most serious I've ever seen Matt.  Deep in discussion about Beau Brummell, no doubt.


When we were saying goodbye, the variety of neckwear, color, and patterns struck my eye.

100212_1029_lores 100212_1031_lores 100212_1033_lores 100212_1035_lores

You are Invited - Dandy Talk on Oct 5


Please join me for a lively conversation with a few of my favorite like minded friends and colleagues for a talk about how we all have cultivated an interest in dandyism in the modern world.   What a great chance to meet, get dressed up, and sip gin & tonics!

Speakers (besides me!) will be:
Matt Fox of
Nathaniel "Natty" Adams - writer and manager at Against Nature
Thomas P. Farley - "Mister Manners"
The talk will be moderated by David Zyla, Emmy Award-winning costume designer, author, and chair of the National Arts Club Fashion Committee

After the talk we can enjoy the vintage jazz of my friend Dandy Wellington and His Band

Cocktails so generously provided by Hendrick's gin

UPDATE:  RSVP is closed for this event by overwhelming response!


A Dandy Talk - Save The Date, Oct 5, 2012


I can't tell you how delighted I was to be asked by David Zyla, Chair of the National Arts Club Fashion Committee, to speak about The Dandy Portraits and dandyism along with a few of my closest colleagues next month.

Please save the date of Friday, October 5, 2012.  The talk will be from 6-8pm and undoubtedly cocktails and hob-nobbing will ensue afterwards.

This is a super special event for me, in such a fantastic I would love to see all of you!

At The Jazz Age Lawn Party

Michael Arenella after his show, Governor's Island, June 2012

On Saturday we headed out to the Jazz Age Lawn Party for the first time since it began in 2007 (!).  It happens now twice every summer, and the crowds are growing.  Here is just a few snaps of the gentlemen I found...

Matthew Karl Gale

Matt Fox of looking adorable 


A dapper Italian fellow with an unusually colored straw hat

Working Class Dandy from Philly, David P. Lochner


At The Easter Parade

Andrew Yamato at the Easter Parade, NY, April 2012

The Easter Bonnet Parade down Fifth Avenue in Manahattan is a wonderful tradition that I experienced for the first time just this year.  The event's sole purpose seems to be to get people to dress up and strut about - and to celebrate spring.  Flowers and costumes and spectators and bow ties and top hats and fancy dress.  The best kind of get together! 

Mr. Yamato's classic spectators

040812_4058_lores 040812_4057_lores 040812_4059_lores
Young and old were out to show off their Sunday best.  Just look at the duds on this fella!

These guys had suits made of what seemed to be pure polyester, which usually makes me depressed, but, hey, they looked great!

040812_4044_lores 040812_4032_lores
Pure vintage.  Wonderfully unusual colors remind me of Miami Beach 1940s.

Enrique of fully equipped with the shop's latest stock.

Matt and Enrique of Fine and Dandy Shop.  Matt's burgundy velvet slippers get their moment in the sunshine below.


The Dandy of New York, Patrick McDonald

Patrick McDonald is larger than life - truly, fantastically.  His extravagant style is legendary, and has been recorded by many just as legendary photographers and artists (um...Bill Cunningham, Scavullo, Robert Richards!).  I knew from the beginning that The Dandy Portraits would not be complete without Patrick.  Of course when the rare opportunity came to finally meet him - at his home - I was more than a little nervous and insanely curious to find out what this man - who revels in being a dandy - is really like.

Over the phone Patrick, in his sweet urbane voice said, "my place, it's a bit bohemian", with a laugh.  I was charmed and even more intrigued.  So I headed over to his place with Mat Fox of Fine and Dandy Shop to investigate - or rather just to have some fun.  Matt just posted his interview here.

Beyond the top hats and eyebrows and blue velvet is a gentleman who understands the importance of good manners and character; he understands that the way one lives his life is an art, just as much dressing for each day is.  And in true dandy fashion, he cultivates a unique beauty in the most unlikely of environments.  With joy he quoted Bill Cunningham, who's documentary he appeared in, "He who seeks beauty will find it".

Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2751_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2682_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2681_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2776_lores
Artists need their muse.
Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2838_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2771 Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2702_lores
Hats by Rod Keenan fill his kitchen
Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2742_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2795_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2809 Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2813_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2827_lores
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